Designated Tornado Shelters

Arkansas Hall - Basement and dressing room, Small Theater overflow

Art Annex / Ceramics - Restrooms and offices

Art Studio (Duplex) - Restrooms and interior rooms.

Barkman House - Restroom and interior room

Caddo Center - Basement

Caplinger Airways Building - Lecture Hall

Capt. Henderson Bed & Breakfast – Restrooms and interior rooms on 1st floor.

East Hall - 1st floor hall from vending room to 114, on carpet area

Education Building - Stairwell near child services, 1st floor hall between and inside restrooms.

Edwards House – restrooms or interior rooms.

Evans Hall - 1st floor hall east of stairs and 1st floor west of stairs

Foster Hall - 1st floor hall and restrooms, between and inside restrooms.

Garrison Activity Center - Post Office, away from glass. Restrooms on first floor and information desk area offices.

Haygood Field House - Restrooms or interior rooms.

Horton House – Restrooms or interior rooms.

Huie Library - 1st floor and below in stairwell

Huneycutt House – Restroom or interior rooms.

International Student Center –Restrooms and interior rooms on the 1st floor.

Jane Ross House – Restrooms and interior rooms on the 1st floor.

McBrien Hall - 1st floor hallways, office spaces away from windows and restrooms.

Meier House – Restroom and interior rooms.

Mooney Hall - Basement in Student Health Services and Counseling

Newberry Hall - Basement

Oliver House – Bathroom and interior room on the 1st floor.

Physical Plant - Restrooms and office workspace away from windows

Proctor Hall - Basement

Reddie Athletic Center - Showers and restrooms in locker rooms

Reddie Villas- 1st floor apartments and restroooms.

Reynolds Science Center - 1st floor hall, interior offices 119A, 120A, 117 and 115

Russell Fine Arts - Music 1st floor hall and restroom, Art 1st floor hall and bathroom

Smith Hall - Basement

Sturgis Honors Hall – 1st floor hallways and restrooms

University Place- 1st floor hallways, rooms and restrooms.

Wells Gym - Auxiliary Gym and hall, close door at each end of the hall

West Hall - 1st floor hall from vending room. Restrooms.

Ridge Point - Bathroom in 1st floor apartments

Womack Hall – Communications, Admissions offices area 1st floor and stairwell by residence life. 1st floor restrooms.