Campus Safety

Lockdown Procedures

An imminent threat of violence may be cause for a lockdown of all or part of campus.

The goal of a lockdown is to limit exposure of students, employees and visitors to danger by preventing dangerous persons from entering campus buildings, offices, classrooms or facilities.

If a lockdown is ordered:

  • Stay inside! Do not leave the building unless an imminently dangerous situation arises inside. If outside, seek shelter in the nearest building.
  • Take shelter in a lockable room, if possible. Lock the door.
  • Take shelter in a room with thicker walls and fewer windows, if possible.
  • Close windows, shades and blinds, and avoid being seen from outside the room if possible.
  • Turn off lights.
  • Silence phones and turn off other electronics.
  • Monitor alerts, alarm boxes and email for updates and further instructions. A situation description or location may be disseminated as soon as possible using these methods.
  • Be very cautious of admitting anyone into a locked building. Require that all backpacks and other bags be left outside at least 30 feet from the building.
  • Require that the person seeking shelter open all outer garments for visual inspection and display open hands before allowing entry.
  • Remain in place until you receive an “all clear” signal.