Campus Safety

Bomb Threat

This procedure provides information on what to do when you become aware of a threat. This includes bomb threats, cyber threats or threats of violence against the university, members of the campus community or university property. Threats usually come by telephone. If you receive a threat call:

  • Remain calm, be courteous, LISTEN, and do not interrupt the caller.
  • DON’T HANG UP THE PHONE. Leave the line open, even after the caller hangs up.
  • GET THE ATTENTION OF ANOTHER PERSON – Give them a note saying “THREAT – Call 911”
  • Obtain as much information as possible from the caller.
    • What will happen?
    • Where will it happen?
    • When will it happen?
    • Who did this?
    • How can it be stopped?
    • What is your name?
    • What is your address?
  • Take note of the characteristics of the caller’s voice (male/female, voice, speech patterns, accent) and any background noises you hear.
  • After the call, write down the caller’s exact words and the time of the call. Do not hang up.
  • Notify the HSU Police Department using another telephone at 870-230-5098 immediately to provide all of the information you have obtained.
  • Do not touch suspicious packages. Inform the HSU Police Department of any suspicious packages, items or people in the area.
  • Follow instructions from the HSU Police Department or other first responders in regards to evacuation.