Campus Safety

Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies include the loss of consciousness, loss of ability to communicate, chest pain, seizure, difficulty breathing, injury to the head and neck injury.

  • Call 911 immediately if you encounter an individual on campus who is experiencing a medical emergency.
  • Give your name, location, and telephone number.
  • Give as much information as possible regarding the nature of the injury or illness, whether or not the victim is conscious, etc.
  • Do not hang up until directed to do so by the emergency operator.
  • Return to the victim. Keep the victim as calm and comfortable as possible.
  • Remain with the victim until the ambulance or HSU Police arrive.
  • Do not move a seriously injured person unless absolutely necessary to save his/her life.
  • Do not attempt to transport injured people yourself.
  • Do not call the Student Health & Counseling Center to respond to a medical emergency. The Student Health and Counseling Center does not have the equipment or the personnel to provide treatment to an individual who is experiencing a serious medical problem.
  • HSU Police Department cannot transport individuals for medical treatment to the hospital or the Student Health and Counseling Center.