Campus Safety


A tornado watch is issued by the National Weather Service when tornadoes are possible in the area.

A tornado warning is issued by the National Weather Service when a tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar in the area.

If a tornado warning is issued for Arkadelphia, outdoor sirens will be activated.

In the Event of a Tornado Watch

  • Monitor emergency alerts, weather websites, and media for severe weather updates.
  • Be prepared to take shelter.

In the Event of a Tornado Warning

  • Take shelter in the designated tornado shelter in your building or on the lowest level, most interior portion (such as an interior hallway) of any building. Stay away from windows and exterior doors.
  • Hide underneath overhead cover (heavy desk, work table, or counter), if available.
  • Do not pull the fire alarm to alert others of a tornado warning.
  • Wait for an “all clear” notification prior to returning to your work area, classroom, or living area.
  • If you are outside, seek shelter in the nearest available building. If you cannot reach a building, lie in a ditch, low-lying area or crouch near a building. Hold books, backpacks and coats over your head for protection.