Student Housing

Residency Requirements

Living on campus provides students with a unique opportunity for community and support. That's why Henderson State has a mandatory underclassman requirement to live on campus. This policy applies to transfer students as well. All full-time students attending the university under age 21 who have completed 59 or fewer hours prior to the first day of classes for the term and are not living at the primary residence of their parents or legal guardians within a 45-mile radius of the university are required to reside on campus. This simply means that unless a student commutes from the home of his or her parents, he or she has to live on campus. For most students this means they have to live on campus for the first two years of school (that is if you complete 15 hours per semester).

Any student choosing to commute to school from the home of a parent must fill out the Permission to Live Off Campus Form. This form must be notarized to make it official. There are a few exceptions to the requirements:

  • Attaining the age requirement does not void contractual agreements made for housing; however, a student who will attain the age of 21 prior to the first day of classes for the following spring semester may request a one-semester housing contract, and a student under 21 who satisfactorily completes 60 or more hours during the first semester may be released from the second semester of the housing contract. A nonrefundable application fee is required before the application can be processed. A student who is a military veteran with at least two years of service is exempted from these housing requirements.
  • A married student, living with his/her spouse is exempted from these housing requirements.
  • A single parent may also be exempted from these housing requirements if their child lives with him or her.