Music Education K-12

The Bachelor of Music in Education is for students who desire to teach in the public schools; the degree prepares students for teacher education licensure in the state of Arkansas. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for either Vocal or Instrumental licensure and has three distinct components:

The curriculum focuses on secondary training, but also provides elementary level experiences.

Candidates for the education emphasis must choose either choral or instrumental music as an area of concentration.

Upon completion of the requirements, the candidate will be certified to teach music in the chosen area of concentration in grades K-12 and grades 7-12 in the state of Arkansas. Those electing the choral area must choose as a principal subject either voice or keyboard; those electing the instrumental area must choose as a principal subject an approved band, string, or keyboard instrument. The candidate is required to present a public recital of 30 minutes duration during the senior year.


Nevada Mills
Director of Bands

Dr. Jonathon Barranco
Director of Choirs