Piano graduates can have careers as church musicians, independent teachers, freelancing performers and accompanists, choral accompanists, concert producers, administrators for non-profit organizations, and fine arts advocates. Many pianists will go on to graduate schools specializing in accompanying, pedagogy, or performance, while some might choose to pursue graduate study in music theory or music history.

Degrees Offered

  • Bachelor of Music
  • Bachelor of Arts, with emphasis in Piano or Organ
  • Bachelor of Music Education

Piano Courses

Applied Piano, Piano Accompanying, Piano Pedagogy, Piano Literature, Technique of Ensemble Playing, Technique of Accompanying

Piano Scholarship Auditions

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President’s Concert

Piano students have the opportunity to compete in Henderson’s concerto competition each fall semester. The winning students perform their solos with a full orchestra during the spring semester in the annual President’s Concert.

Henderson Piano Series and Guest Master Classes

Guest artists visit Henderson State University each year to perform and work with our piano students. Some of the prominent guests include:

  • Edward Parmentier--University of Michigan
  • Anne Epperson--University of Texas
  • Jane Magrath--University of Oklahoma
  • David Cartledge--Indiana University
  • David Northington--University of Tennessee
  • Hie-Yon Choi--Seoul National University, Korea


Dr. May Tsao-Lim
Professor of Music