Returning Student Account Information

Henderson State University has implemented this interim policy regarding the maximum allowable student account balances. The interim policy provides returning students who were enrolled during Spring/Summer 2019 or a previous term time to pay down balances as the university implements stepped-down maximum student account balance limits over the next two academic years. At the end of this process, the university will not allow students with a prior-term balance to register for the Spring 2021 academic term and future terms.

Students who have been out of continuous enrollment for 365 calendar days must apply for readmission to the university. These students will not be readmitted until their prior account balances are paid in full.

Statement of Responsibility

I understand that I will be registered for the courses herein. I understand that my student account will be charged with all tuition and fee costs associated with these classes, and I also will be charged with the housing and meal plans I have accepted and any additional charges incurred (textbook charges, library fees, traffic fines, etc.). I will be responsible for these charges. If I wish to drop/withdraw from individual courses, it will be my responsibility to do so. If I wish to withdraw from ALL courses it will be my responsibility to do so by contacting the Registrar’s Office, Womack Hall, 210.

Payment Options

All tuition, fees, room and board are due using the installment dates described below. Students can view their account balances and pay their bills in MyHenderson. Students with remaining balances after all aid is applied or students not receiving financial aid must use one of the following payment options:

  1. Pay Online through MyHenderson

  2. Pay at the Business Office Cashier’s Window, 3rd Floor of Womack Hall

  3. Pay on a university installment payment plan through MyHenderson or Business Office Cashier’s Window or sign up for installment payments through Nelnet at www.MyCollegePaymentPlan.com/henderson

We are here to help you. Henderson State University wants to work with you to make sure that you have access to all of the grant, scholarship, loan, waiver, and work-study programs that are available to continue your college education. Please contact us at (870) 230-5000 to schedule an appointment if you have questions about your account. You can also log into your MyHenderson account to view your balance or make a payment. If you need information about additional funding sources, please visit hsu.edu/financialaid for information.

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