Clery Report and Laura's Card

The 2023 Clery Annual Security and Fire Safety Report contains information regarding campus security and personal safety including topics such as: emergency preparedness, reducing your risk of crime, fire safety, Henderson State University Police Department’s law enforcement authority, crime reporting policies, and other matters of importance to security and safety on campus. It also contains information about the crime statistics for the university’s campus, Hot Springs location, and other locations within the university’s crime reporting geography.

Law enforcement agencies responding to crime incidents are required by Arkansas’s Victim’s Bill of Rights outlined in Arkansas Victim Rights Act of 1997 and Laura's Card Act 873 to inform victims in writing of their victim’s rights. Officers must inform victims of the availability of services: medical, housing, counseling, financial, social, legal, and emergency services. In addition, officers MUST inform victims about how to obtain orders of protection, how to access public records related to the case, and about the Arkansas Crime Victims Reparations Board (including the address and phone number). The Henderson State University Police Department maintains a copy of Laura's Card online.