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Upward Bound

Upward Bound is a federally funded program for college-bound high school students who could benefit from academic support and may need increased motivation to realize their potential.

HSU’s Upward Bound Project provides fundamental support to 60 Garland County participants, grades 9-12, in their preparation for college entrance. The program is designed to teach academic skills, generate motivation in participants, and provide opportunities for them to complete secondary education, succeed in pre-college performance, and gain admission to and successfully complete higher education pursuits.

Upward Bound provides academic challenges and emotional and social support to raise participants’ self-concept, enhance their self-development, and achieve their full potential. Upward Bound tailors individual learning experiences to meet the needs of each participant and strives to provide worthwhile activities to challenge each participant to achieve his or her fullest potential.

Student Commitments

  • Persist through high school and earn a diploma
  • Attend academic tutoring to improve grades and academic achievement scores in English, Reading, Science, Math/Algebra
  • Participate in meetings, field trips, and cultural events (some held after school, on Saturdays, and during the summer session)
  • Abide by rules and regulations of the program and the high school

Involvement includes:

  • Tutoring and supplemental instruction
  • Participating in campus tours and cultural enrichment activities (some held on Saturdays)
  • Fulfilling all requirements for attendance, GPA (2.5 or higher), academic tutoring, goal setting, career and course advising, and mentoring
  • Attending college FAFSA, financial literacy, and scholarship workshops
  • Modeling commitment and active participation in the summer program
  • Joining ACT prep workshops and taking college entrance exams during junior and senior years
  • Enrolling in college preparatory classes and/or concurrent college courses
  • Pledging to complete a course of study beyond high school

Who is Eligible?

Any student attending one of the target high schools is eligible to apply. Additional requirements are listed below:

  • Must have completed the 8th grade and be at least 13 years old but not older than 19 years

Students must qualify in at least one of the following:

  • Low-income (guidelines set forth by the federal government)
  • First generation college student (i.e., no natural or adoptive parent living in the home has a four-year college degree)
  • Have college potential but need academic support to be successful in college

In addition to the above criteria, admission to the Henderson State University Upward Bound Program is based on counselor and teacher recommendations.

How to Apply

In order to be considered, please download and complete, with appropriate signatures, the application. All forms must be returned before applications can be considered. Forms may be emailed, faxed, dropped off at the office location, or given to a high school counselor (see contact information below).


Upward Bound
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Phone: 870-345-3554
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