Academic Affairs

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) at Henderson State University oversees and evaluates all aspects of animal care and use programs and facilities to ensure ethicaluse and well-being of animals used for research or teaching. The IACUC is a self-regulatingentity that is mandated by the Animal Welfare Act and its amendments and the Health Research Extension Act. The IACUC also ensures the public of the university’s conformance to all legal and ethical standards regarding the use of animals in research and teaching. Committee composition includes a chair, scientist, nonscientist, veterinarian, and non-affiliated member.

Approval by the HSU IACUC is required before the use of vertebrate animals at Henderson StateUniversity or its facilities. The protocol form below should be completed by a faculty member and sentto the IACUC chair, Tommy Finley -, at least 90 days before the planned starting date, to allow time for review and revisions before final approval. A faculty member must be the principle investigator for any research using vertebrate animals, including student research.

Protocol Form

Animal Welfare Act Factsheet

Committee Guidebook