Staff Senate


President: Kelly Stewart
President Elect: Jim Wilhelm
Secretary: Leanna Payton
Treasurer: Brian Bagwell
President Emeritus: Kelci Martinez

Academic Affairs

  • Kelly Stewart (2023), Rise Coordinator, Academic Advising
  • Brenda Callaway (2023), Administrative Specialist III, Admissions
  • Carrie Stanley (2023), CRM Manager and Communication Specialist, Admissions
  • Brian Bagwell (2023), Library Project-Program Specialist, Huie Library
  • Tanisha Owens (2023), College Readiness Coach
  • Christopher Gardner (2024), Project Program Specialist, Admissions
  • Yolanda McCollum (2024), Project/Program Manager, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Holly Boyette (2024), Administrative Specialist III, Office of the Registrar
  • Jayden Colbert (2024), Project/Program Manager, Enrollment Services and Admissions
  • Amy Raney (2024), Administrative Specialist III, Communication and Theatre
    • Orlando Goodwin (Alternate, 2023), Project/Program Specialist, Enrollment Services and Admissions
    • Lisa Smith (Alternate, 2023), Director of Student Aid, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Finance and Administration

  • Lenette Jones (2023), Associate Athletic Director/NCAA Compliance, Athletics
  • Chris Adams (2023), Interim Director of Finance, Business Office
  • Phil Grace (2023), Director of Information Technology Infrastructure, Information Technology Services
  • Courtney Smith (2024), Director of Instructional Technology, Information Technology
  • Zabadiah Barrett (2024), Computer Operator, Information Technology
  • Jim Wilhelm (2024), Information Systems Analyst, Information Technology
  • Jasmine Skinner (2024), Fiscal Support Analyst, Business Office
    • Mindy Daniels (Alternate, 2023), Fiscal Support Analyst, Business Office
    • Kyle Canale (Alternate, 2024), Computer Lab Technician, Information Technology

Chancellor’s Area

  • Sheena Turner-Smith (2024), Administrative Analyst, Athletic Administration
  • Scotty Serio (2024), Coach, Men's Swimming
    • Aubrey Wilson (Alternate, 2023)

University Advancement

  • Stacey Howard (2023), Assistant Director of Foundation and Development, University Advancement
  • Amber Brownlee (2024), Director of Alumni
    • Steve Fellers (Alternate, 2023), Creative Services Manager, Marketing and Communications
    • Jordan Argo (Alternate, 2024), Web Content Manager, Marketing and Communications

Student and External Affairs

  • Alex Arce (2023), Education Specialist, Student Support Services
  • Eric Mitchner (2024), Associate Dean of Student Services, Campus Recreation
  • Tonia McBay (2024), Administrative Specialist III, Residence Life Custodial
  • Leanna Payton (2024), Associate Dean of Student Services, Housing and Community Standards
    • Erin Poe (Alternate, 2023), Education Specialist, Disability Resource Center
    • Mackenzie Johns (Alternate, 2024), Administrative Specialist III, University Police