Honors College

Arete Society

The Areté Society is the student organization of the Honors College. The Honors College Student Council provides Society leadership. All Areté Society events—social, community, cultural, and academic—are coordinated through the Council. The Society is an officially recognized student organization with two seats in the Student Government Association. The Society offers students the opportunity to develop as leaders within the College as well as the University and to make a positive difference in the quality of campus life.

In addition to providing opportunities for university service, the Honors College creates projects to serve Arkadelphia and Clark County. Whether helping a single deserving family, putting together a program for the public schools, or sponsoring a free cultural event to bring the community at large and the University together, civic-minded and civic-active students have an excellent opportunity to strengthen the community connection.

The Honors College provides the opportunity to:

  • Interact with other outstanding students in academic, cultural, social, and service activities;
  • Form lasting friendships with others in the Honors College community, and;
  • Gain a decided advantage for the future by graduating as an “Honors College Scholar.”


Honors Council

The Honors Council, which provides leadership for the Society, is comprised of student representatives from each honors class. All Areté Society events–social, community, cultural, and academic–are coordinated through the Council.

Honors Committee

The College is supervised and evaluated by the Honors Committee. The Committee recommends admission and retention standards, plans the Honors Colloquium, and reviews proposals for departmental and school honors independent studies. The Committee is responsible to the University Academic Council. A faculty member is named by the President to serve as Honors College Director and to chair the Honors Committee.