Information Technology Services

Student Computer Labs

There are numerous computer labs throughout Henderson's campus. Each computer lab will allow you to use your Henderson user name and password to access a computer. Every computer lab will also have access to a printer. Every student will be able to print up to 500 pages for free per semester in any of the computer labs.

The Huie Library offers an additional 200 prints per semester.


Failure to follow these lab rules may result in loss of your network account:

  1. No Food or Drink allowed in the Labs at any time.
  2. Do not remove furniture (chairs, computers, tables/desks, etc.) from the Computer labs.
  3. Do not rearrange the furniture in the labs.
  4. Computers will not be used for games. This includes any games brought by the user on disks, games copied over the network - either over the local network or internet, or games played on other computers over the Internet.
  5. Any student using the internet for non-essential studies will have to relinquish the workstation for any Henderson student needing the station for Henderson course work.
  6. No obscenity or profanity of any kind! It will not be tolerated in the Labs.
  7. Use disinfecting wipes on keyboards and mice before using the computer. Remain at least six feet apart.