Human Resources


Deductions From Payroll

Payroll deductions for retirement, federal and state tax withholdings, and Social Security taxes (FICA/MQFE) are automatically withheld from employee earnings. Arrangements may also be made for deductions for supplemental retirement accounts, health insurance, dental, vision, supplemental life, short-term disability, and cancer. For additional information related to benefit deduction options please contact the Office of Human Resources or review the ASU System Employee Benefits web page.

Direct Deposit

All employees are paid via direct deposit, on the 15th and last day of the month. Direct deposit is established at the time of hire. If an employee does not have a bank account, they may elect for the University to establish pay on the U.S. Bank Focus Card. For additional information or to change your direct deposit please contact the Payroll Services Department at 870-972-2767.

Time Sheets and Time Records

Electronic timesheets and leave reports are utilized by the University to determine hours worked and appropriate pay for hourly and salary employees. Employees are either non-exempt, meaning you may be eligible for compensatory time for hours worked over 40; or exempt, meaning you are not eligible for compensatory time. An employees exemption status is governed by the Department of Labor, Fair Labor Standards Act.

Timesheets are utilized by non-exempt employees and are essential to accurately record time worked. Additionally, timesheets are designed to track appropriate hours worked to determine if any compensatory time is due to the employee.

Leave reports are utilized by exempt employees to record any leave time taken including but not limited to sick and annual leave. Leave reports are submitted via BannerHR for all exempt employees who are in positions that do not earn compensatory time. Click here to view the Leave Reports Guide.

Compensatory Time Pay for Non-Exempt (Paid Hourly) Employees

Nonexempt employees are compensated for all hours worked and any hours worked that exceed 40 in a work-week are compensated at 1½ time. Approved paid absences, including sick leave, vacation leave, holiday leave, FMLA, military leave, jury and witness duty, and voting time off are paid at the employee’s regular rate of pay, but are not counted as time worked for the purposes of computing overtime. In accordance with law, compensatory time (comp time) may be granted in lieu of payment for overtime hours.

Compensatory time is intended for use only on those rare occasions when it is necessary for an eligible employee to work in excess of the regularly scheduled work week to accomplish specific tasks.

  • Compensatory time may be earned only with the prior approval of the President.
  • Compensatory time must be earned before it can be used.
  • Compensatory time may be used in lieu of sick leave and must be used until the balance is depleted before using annual leave.
  • No employee may accumulate compensatory time in excess of two hundred forty (240) hours, except for public safety officers who may accumulate up to four hundred and eighty (480) hours.


The time and method of payment will be explained during your orientation program. All hours worked must be recorded on the hourly employees’ timesheets/ time-records. For all employees, all time taken off must be recorded on the appropriate form, approved by the supervisor and turned in to payroll by the 15thof the following month. If an employee is unable to take his regularly scheduled meal break he must indicate so in writing. The university trusts employees to be honest in recording all time worked.

Changes will be announced by supervisor and/or by special bulletins. Checks will not be released to anyone other than you without written authorization to do so. In cases where you are unable to obtain your check, you may authorize that it be mailed to your address.

Questions About Your Pay

If you have questions about the way in which your hours or rate of pay have been calculated, you should notify your supervisor. Depending on the nature of your problem, your supervisor may refer you to the Payroll Department. If an error has been made by the university, a correction will be made immediately if essential, or on the next paycheck, with your permission. If the error is due to an oversight on your part allowable corrections will be made on your next paycheck.

Payroll Calculations and Pay Periods

All employees are paid on the 15th and last working day of the month.

Faculty Employees
Faculty are paid according to their contract as 9 month (paid over 20 pay periods) or 12-month (24 pay periods) employees.

Henderson State University offers a deferred compensation option for 9 month faculty to set aside salary for the summer months. The twelve month option plan provides a method for faculty on 9-month appointments to spread their academic year salary over 12 months. Participation in the plan is available to permanent faculty. The election applies only to base pay from the academic appointment. A faculty member’s appointment and his or her total salary amount is not changed or affected by an election to receive salary over a 12-month period. Deductions will be processed over twelve months. If for any reason a faculty member’s employment with Henderson State terminates before the deferred contract ends, all monies that have been deferred are paid in a lump sum and are subject to appropriate taxes and withholdings. To enroll in the plan, the faculty member will complete and sign the Twelve Month Pay Authorization and Agreement form. The authorization form must be submitted to the Payroll Services Office by July 1st. Enrollment in the plan becomes effective at the beginning of the plan year (August 1st).

For additional information, please review the FAQ’s for Deferred Compensation.

Staff Employees
Staff employees are paid in real time, meaning pay for the 15th reflects work performed between the 1st and the 15th of the month and pay for the last day of the month reflects work performed between the 16th through the last day of the month. Non-exempt staff members must maintain time sheets and submit approved time sheets to the payroll department to reflect all hours worked and all leave time taken. Exempt employees, will submit leave reports, via BannerHR Self Service on the 15th and last day of the month.

Hourly Employees
Hourly employees are paid in arrears. Time reported for the 1st-15th of the month is paid on the last working day of the month. Time turned in for the sixteenth through the last day of the month is paid on the fifteenth of the month. Time is currently submitted to Payroll via a time sheet and must be submitted and approved by the supervisor the day after the time period ends.