Assessment Team

The University Assessment Team provides leadership and assistance in the development, supervision, and continuation of an institutional effectiveness program. The purpose of the University Assessment Team is to solicit and facilitate continuous evaluation and improvement of assessment practices across all academic and nonacademic units at Henderson State University.

The University Assessment Team serves in an advisory capacity to all academic programs and non-instructional units to ensure perpetual development of goals and desired outcomes in program and unit assessment, to monitor progress in the assessment process, report the results of the changes and progress that occurs in the assessment process, and assist with continued university accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission.

The University Assessment Team has developed and implemented the University Assessment Plan. The University Assessment Plan focuses on the overall performance of the university, including recruiting, retention, and matriculation, as well as any and all units that contribute to the fulfillment of the university’s mission. The goal of the University Assessment Plan is to evaluate the sum of all the parts to determine if the university is meeting the mission; to develop measures of success; recommend action plans for improvement, and report results to the leadership of Henderson State University.

The University Assessment Team has established clear guidelines for the development and improvement of assessment plans. A schedule for the submission, review, and implementation of all academic and non-instructional assessment plans has been set and is currently in effect. Criteria for evaluating the plans have been created.

Charge and Structure

The Assessment Team shall examine assessment programs developed by the various departments, colleges/schools, and administrative and staff areas. The Team monitors and evaluates the programs to ensure consistency within the University and adherence to principles established for the assessment of overall student academic achievement through specific assessment of the various academic and administrative components of the university.

Assessment Team Membership and Selection Process

The Director of Assessment and the Faculty Assessment Coordinator are the co-chairs of the Assessment Team. They will recommend replacement members for the Assessment Team and present them to the Assessment Team for approval. Once approved by the Assessment Team, the recommendations will then be forwarded to the appropriate dean or vice president for review. Subsequent to review by the dean or vice president, the recommendations will be forwarded to the Shared Governance Committee.

Assessment Team membership will consist of one faculty member with expertise and/or interest in student learning assessment from each of the following areas:


  • Ellis College of Arts and Sciences
  • Math, Science, and Nursing
  • Liberal Arts
  • Fine Arts
  • At-large representative
  • Library
  • School of Business
  • Teachers College, Henderson

The Assessment Team membership will also consist of an administrative member with expertise and/or interest in program assessment from each of the following areas:

Administrative (Non-academic):

  • Academic Affairs
  • Finance and Administration
  • Student and External Affairs
  • University Advancement
  • Athletics

The Associate Deans from Ellis College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, and Teachers College, Henderson, and the chair of the General Education Committee, are also members of the Assessment Team.

The Team will have one undergraduate student and one graduate student representative.

The Provost/VPAA and Research Associate will serve as Ex Officio members of the Assessment Team.

All Assessment Team members will serve as liaisons between the Assessment Team and the area(s) they represent.

The Faculty Assessment Coordinator will work under the direction of the Director of Assessment, and in conjunction with the Assessment Team. The coordinator will help to ensure compliance of academic programs with University assessment policies, provide assistance to individual programs for assessment-related needs, and address assessment issues pertaining to accreditation standards. The Faculty Assessment Coordinator will co-chair the Assessment Team, along with the Director of Assessment. The Faculty Assessment Coordinator shall serve as a non-rotating member of the Assessment Team on a five-year term and is subject to renewal at the mutual discretion of the Faculty Assessment Coordinator, the Director of Assessment, and the Provost/VPAA. This position may be compensated either by a course reduction or a stipend.


The University Assessment Team has worked diligently in the development of an assessment process congruent with the Henderson State University mission. This process will change over time to fit the university’s needs. The Director of Assessment, faculty Assessment Coordinator, and the University Assessment Team will continue to work together to make improvements and refinements to university assessment processes.


Wrenette Tedder, Co-Chair
Director of Assessment