Academic Forum

Academic Forum 2012–13 / Number 30

Michael Lloyd, Ph.D.

Talisha Givan, Ed.D.
William Henshaw, M.F.A.
Edward Hudsepeth, Ph.D.
Jennifer Maddox, B.A.
David Sesser, MLIS
James Shuff, Ph.D.
Patrick Wempe, Ed.D.
Fred Worth, Ph.D.

Faculty Development and Research Committee

Ellis College
John Hardee, Ph.D. (chair)
Jim Duke, M.L.A.
Vincent Dunlap, Ph.D.
Tommy Finley, Ph.D.
Paul Glover, M.F.A.
Waltraud Gudrian, Ph.D.
Martin Halpern, Ph.D.
Hee-Kyung Juhn, D.M.
Barbara Landrum, Ph.D.
Travis Langley, Ph.D.
Michael Lloyd, Ph.D.
David Stoddard, M.F.A.
Allison Vetter, Ph.D.

School of Business
Margaret Hoskins, Ph.D. (chair)
C. Alan Blaylock, Ph.D.
Renea Clark, M.B.A.
Troy Hogue, M.C.A.
Lonnie Jackson, M.B.A.

Teachers College, Henderson
Rochelle Moss. Ph.D.
Patrick Wempe, Ed.D.
Penny Whelchel, M.S.
Elizabeth Wyatt, Ed.S.

With the exceptions of formatting and minor corrections, these papers have been reprinted as submitted where the authors have employed a form and style appropriate to their respective disciplines. The editor wishes to express appreciation to the proofreaders, the Faculty Research Committee who allocated funding for this publication, Tim Jones and Steve Fellers for making printing arrangements, and especially to the authors whose contributions continue to make Academic Forum a success. Copyrights are retained by the authors, and republication or reproduction requires their consent.

Introduction as it appeared in the paper edition


Linda English
Baby's Gun

Paul Glover
The Emergence of Digital Documentary Filmmaking in the United States

Jana Jones
The Art of Sincerity

Michael Lloyd
MyMathLab Effectiveness in College Algebra

Lloyd Moyo
Cauchy Confers with Weierstrass

Ashley Pitcock (Mentor: Peggy Dunn Bailey)
Conceptions of Innocence and Experience

David Sesser
The History of Huie Library

Drew Smith
What Do We Mean by the Christian Bible? The Historical Process of the Formation of Christian Scripture and the Various Bibles Across Christianity

Fred Worth
Progressive Team Home Run Leaders of the Washington Nationals, Houston Astros, Los Angeles Angels and New York Yankees