COVID-19 Operational Plan

Residence Halls and Apartments

Apartment and Residence Hall Move-In

  • Move-in for the spring 2021 semester will begin at noon on January 10.

  • New students may bring helpers with them, with permission from Henderson's housing and community standards. All students and helpers are required to wear face coverings.

Management and Common Areas

  • Resident assistants, desk workers, hall directors, and central office staff are required to wear face masks when on duty.

  • Staff will receive training on proper use of personal protective equipment and handwashing.

  • Residence hall desks will operate as normal. Desk workers will sanitize loaned equipment (pool sets, ping pong sets) between uses.

Physical Distancing Guidelines

  • Students are required to wear face coverings when using indoor common spaces.

  • Face coverings should fit snugly, completely cover the nose and mouth, and consist of at least two layers of cloth. The university will provide one face covering for students, faculty, and staff. Some additional face coverings will be available primarily for students.
  • Roommate groups will be considered “household units” and can be in closer proximity to one another. Otherwise, students must practice social distancing (stay six feet apart).

  • Common spaces will be labeled with maximum number of occupants, which will represent a reduction in the number of people allowed inside at any one time. For small study rooms and laundry rooms in some buildings, this will be one at a time.

  • The number of in-room visitors at one time will be limited. We will determine the number of students allowed to visit in a room based on the room type and building.  

  • Depending on public health information and community spread, visitation in general may be limited or suspended.

Educational Programming and Initiatives

  • Signage will be posted to promote information about physical distancing guidelines, handwashing, and information about symptoms and reporting symptoms.  

  • We will adjust the educational programming provided in the residence halls to include ways for students to engage virtually or receive necessary information asynchronously.  Smaller, in-person events will focus on community building and making connections with others while maintaining physical distancing standards—including wearing face coverings and maintaining social distancing.

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