COVID-19 Operational Plan


  • Implementation of campus events will be guided by what is feasible and practical and will be tailored to the needs of students.

  • All events will follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Arkansas Department of Health guidelines. 

  • Event participants are required to wear face coverings or masks, maintain distances of at least six feet apart, and not share objects. 

  • Attendees should not touch face coverings, should wash their hands frequently and/or use hand sanitizer that will be provided.

  • Event staff will use thermal scanners to monitor the health of those attending events. 

  • Attendance and group size may be limited for some events.

  • We will limit or cancel any programs that invite outside community members to participate.

  • We will strongly encourage in-person meetings for student organizations to be replaced with video- or tele-conference calls.

  • When applicable and where possible, food will be offered as pre-packed meals that attendees pick up from multiple locations. Or, boxed meals will be placed at seats.

  • Along with marketing major events, we will share safety tips with attendees prior to the event via social media, the messages of attendees’ expectations, hygiene, when to seek medical care, etc.

  • Campus labs will be used at every major event to make sure those attending are HSU students and/or people who RSVPed to the event.

  • Student organizations hosting events, both on or off the university campus, may require additional considerations that follow CDC guidelines.