Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Henderson solicit private donations? Doesn’t the university receive state funding?
As a percentage of the University’s annual operating budget, state assistance has dropped from 54 percent 30 years ago to 32 percent today. Private funding is important for hiring talented faculty, enhancing academic programs, providing student services, equipping top-quality labs, and more. While we are extremely proud of the educational opportunities offered at Henderson State University, the economic reality is that the cost of higher education has outpaced state funding and other conventional revenue resources.

funding piechart

Private gifts help bridge this gap and ensure that the university can continue to provide a high-level of education while maintaining its accessibility to all students.

Why is giving a gift every year important? 
Giving to Henderson annually gives you the power to make an immediate impact on students who choose Henderson State University. Even a modest commitment, combined with support from alumni around the world, helps us meet our annual participation goals. The alumni giving percentage rate is calculated from gifts made only in the current year.

What impact does the alumni giving participation rate have on the university, other than dollars received?
Corporations and foundations make their funding decisions based on the number of donations Henderson receives, not the amount. Also, the more alumni who support Henderson, the higher its national and state rankings will be, strengthening your alma mater's reputation. This is a benefit for you, too! Your gift is a vote of confidence in a Henderson education, and higher rankings increase the power of a degree from Henderson State University.

My spouse and I are both alumni. Can we send one gift?
Absolutely! One gift from a Henderson alumni couple counts as two when factoring giving participation.

Can I designate my gift to a specific area or program?
Yes! While The Henderson Fund is the primary vehicle through which alumni provide support to the university, you may choose to designate your gift to a specific fund, scholarship, college/school or academic department. Both undesignated and designated gifts provide necessary and immediate available resources for the university.

Is my gift tax deductible?
Yes, your annual gift is tax deductible as allowed by law. The Henderson State University Foundation advises you to consult your tax professional if you have concerns regarding the federal or state deductibility of your contribution.