Alumni Engagement

Alumni Association

Once a Reddie, Always a Reddie!
That's been the spirit of the Henderson State Alumni Association (HSAA) since it was founded in 1965. As a gift to our 24,000 alumni, you are automatically a part of the HSAA when you graduate from Henderson State. Join or start an HSAA chapter to connect with alumni in your area or with those who share your interests.

Mission and Goals
The mission of the Henderson State Alumni Association is to support and advance the interests of the University.

The goals of the HSAA and the Alumni Board of Directors are to:

  • Promote and encourage a continuing interest in and loyalty to Henderson State University.

  • Provide avenues for members to serve as ambassadors to the University through a standardized organization structure and coordinated program for alumni chapters.

  • Support the President, Board of Trustees, staff, faculty and student body of the University in their efforts to improve the institution.

  • Assist in the recruitment of students to attend the University and provide scholarships where appropriate.

  • Encourage alumni and friends of the University to generously support the institution through gifts, devices and bequests.

Read HSUAA Constitutution and Bylaws