Writing Center


How can tutors at the Writing Center help me?

Our tutors can help you develop effective writing strategies – strategies for getting started on writing projects, narrowing topics, organizing and  developing essays, and  finding your own grammar and punctuation errors.

Will the tutors proofread my essays?

Rather than fixing the errors in your essay, our tutors will help you identify the errors and work with you on approaches for correcting them. The goal of the session is to give you the skills and practice needed to edit your writing on your own in the future.

What happens when I visit the Writing Center?

Your conference will most likely begin with the tutor asking what you would like to focus on. If you want to work on a draft of an essay, the tutor will first read it with you and then ask you some follow-up questions.

The tutor may ask about sections that seem unclear or in need of further development. For example, the tutor may ask, “Would you explain further what you mean here?” or “Could you give me an example of the point you are making?”

May I come in for help on a project even if I haven’t yet written a draft?

Yes, one of the best times to meet with a tutor can be when you’re just getting started on a writing project. We can provide you with ways to generate ideas for your essay, understand its purpose and audience, and discover possible forms the essay might take. And, if the assignment involves research, we can work with you on approaches for finding, evaluating, and documenting sources.

Who uses the Writing Center?

The Center’s services are used by students with a range of writing abilities – from beginner to advanced levels. We help domestic as well as international students working on undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. Moreover, they come from a range of disciplines and discourse communities.

Who are the tutors in the Writing Center?

The Writing Center staff consists of graduate assistants from different disciplines and experienced as well as trainee undergraduate tutors. All tutors participate in extensive training throughout the semester.

Does coming to the Writing Center mean my grades will improve?

In the Center, we focus on strengthening your writing skills so that you learn strategies to improve your paper in future. We do not estimate grades or guarantee that a particular paper will receive such and such grade. Discussing your paper with our tutors will improve your critical thinking, creative insights, and reflective skills that will eventually improve your paper.