Biological Sciences


Tracks (Current)

The Henderson State University Department of Biological Sciences offers a superior undergraduate education in biology. The structure of the program allows students substantial freedom to individualize their course of study, while still ensuring that each receives a broad exposure to fundamental areas in the field of biology, as well as solid foundations in chemistry and mathematics. The laboratory experiences offered by the department require that students develop competence in the use of modern biological techniques, and in the analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

  • General Biology Track
  • Wildlife and Field Biology Track
  • 3+3 Doctor of Chiropractic Track (with Logan College)

Tracks (Expected for Fall 2019-Spring 2020)

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Bachelor of Science in Biology

  • Pre-Health Sciences Track
  • Teacher Licensure Track

Wildlife and Field Biology Track

We also offer a concentration in Wildlife and Field Biology for students interested in pursuing a career in conservation or environmental science. The Wildlife and Field Biology track differs from the traditional biology option because it focuses on outdoor and field-based experiential learning.  

  • Ideal for careers that explore nature
  • Identify organisms and how these living things interact with their environment
  • Focus on management and applied biology  
  • Be prepared for graduate school or jobs in areas requiring experience in field biology