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Grammarly Account Setup

Henderson State University Grammarly Account Setup and Instructions

The license for Grammarly is paid for by Henderson.  Go to to access the education site.  If you are prompted to pay for a Premium Grammarly license, you are not accessing Grammarly at the Grammarly eduction services page. 

NOTE:  Be sure you are using the .com/edu site and not the plain .com site.  Our license is for the edu group.  Our license is for Henderson email accounts ending in or

Open your web browser and go to the following site: Create a new account by clicking on Join Your Organization at the top of the web page.

Enter your name, Henderson email address ( or, and create a password.  Check your Henderson email account for an activation email from Grammarly.  Follow the directions in the verification email.

Once you have access to Grammarly, please review the tutorial icon on the left of your screen.  The tutorial will help you come up to speed with all the wonderful components of Grammarly.

Help and technical support for Grammarly can be found at the bottom left of your Grammarly page (after logging in) or at the Grammarly support website:  Support/

Grammarly support portal website:

Grammarly support email address:

Grammarly password reset site:

Grammarly login page: