Information Technology Services

Classroom Teaching Stations

Preparing Teaching Stations – Fall 2020

1. Things to know

2. Cleaning the station - Everyone

  • Use disinfectant wipes (Clorox/Lysol-type) that are damp but not dripping.
  • These are supposed to be available in the classrooms.  (I would personally carry my own wipes to class.)
  • Wipe down the keyboard (tops of keys), mouse, document camera head (NOT the lens), and desk surface around the computer.
  • Do not use on any camera lenses.
  • Do NOT use cleaners that contain bleach.
  • Alternatives - Devices - You may bring your own keyboard and mouse if there are enough open USB ports.Alcohol – If wipes are not available, you may spray undiluted alcohol on a paper towel and wipe down the areas listed above.

3. Will you live stream to students outside of the classroom?

  • ● Access the web session link you have shared with your students and start the session.
  • ● Please see the Instructions for using Zoom, Google Meet, and BigBlueButton on the Faculty Teaching Technology website.

4. Will you need to share things you write or other visuals?

  • The new document cameras will be used to display physical content. These cameras display content just like a webcam. If you aren’t in a web session, you can use the “Camera" program to display it.
  • Select the start or the “type here to search” bar in the bottom left and type “Camera” to find
  • the camera app. o You can use the Camera program in a web session if desired, but you
  • must “share screen” or “present” to display your desktop.
  • An LED light can be turned on along the side of the lens component.
  • FYI: Lenses for a document camera are designed to have the content closest to the device as the top of your recording. This means that the top of your video will be where the flexible arm attaches to the lens component. Be aware that this also means that the flexible arm must be bent into an arch with the end of the flexible arm pointing downward if you plan to use the camera as a webcam.

5. Will you record the session?

  • Start the Techsmith Relay/Knowmia application to login
  • Although it sounds counterintuitive, disable the webcam within Techsmith Relay/Knowmia if you plan to use the webcam elsewhere (the Camera program, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.). The other systems will display the camera on the desktop, so using it in Techsmith is redundant and may even cause issues accessing the camera.
  • Please see the Instructions for using Relay/Knowmia on the Faculty Teaching Technology website.