Teachers College Faculty Members Present at KESSA Conference

Dr. Lewis Kanyiba & Dr. Jane Opiri of Teachers College, Henderson presented at the 12th Annual KESSA on September 13-14 th 2019 at the Atlanta Marriot Marquis in Atlanta GA. The acronym KESSA stands for the Kenya Scholars and Studies Association. KESSA was founded in 2008 by Profs. Kefa Otiso, Maurice Amutabi, Charles Manyara and Francis Koti. It is an organization that brings together African scholars in diaspora to promote and advance their scholarly, scientific and research work.

Dr. Kanyiba presented “Dissecting Vision 2030 Chapter Five Flagship Projects: Youth Sports Value System Alignment”

Dr. Opiri presented “Growing Kenya’s Domestic Textiles and Apparel Industry Lessons from Rwanda’s Second Hand Clothing Market.”

Picture from Left to Right are: Dr. Otundo (University of Arkansas Little Rock), Dr. Kanyiba, Dr. Opiri and Dr. Bwambok (California State University at San Marcos).

For more in formation on KESSA, visit https://kessa.org/about-us/