Reddie to Serve Hot Springs

On Saturday September 21st, the student chapter of the Arkansas Educators Association (SAEA) volunteered at Habitat for Humanity’s Restore in downtown Hot Springs as part of Reddie to Serve. ReStore is a non-profit home improvement store that accepts donations of household items that include everything from glassware to the kitchen sink. Profits from ReStore are placed back into sustainable housing efforts in the local community and around the world.

Dr. Julie Quast, faculty in Teachers College, Henderson and Ms. Tiffany Rogers, Executive Director of Henderson, Hot Springs organized the event, Dr. Jane Opiri faculty in Family and Consumer Sciences, and SAEA members from both Henderson State University and National Park College participated. According to Tiffany Rogers:

"Habitat for Humanity Restore provided a great opportunity for our first Reddie to Serve event in Hot Springs on Saturday, September 21. Habitat runs a great operation that is well-organized with a friendly environment. We did everything from vacuuming, dusting, sorting, reorganizing shelves and pricing new inventory. We hope they will have us back next year."

One student, Austyn Van Wagner said, "It was an enriching experience to help and learn about Habitat for Humanity and what it does for our community."

Dr. Quast said, "The opportunity to serve alongside our students was amazing. Getting to see their servant hearts working and making a difference in our community was very impactful. We hope to serve again in the Spring." For more information on ReStore, visit the following site: