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Trudi Sabaj
Assistant Professor MSN Program
Phone Number: 870-230-5606
HSU Box: 7811
Email: sabajt@hsu.edu
David Salley
Director of Athletics Communications
Athletics Staff
Phone Number: 870-230-5197
HSU Box: 7630
Email: salleyd@hsu.edu
Office: Wells 108M
Scottie Schmidt
Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Women's Basketball
Phone Number: 870-230-5467
HSU Box: 7630
Email: schmids@hsu.edu
Office: WE108I
Jerusha Schofer
Human Resources Assistant, GS-7
Military Science
Phone Number: 870-230-5007
HSU Box: 7851
Email: schofej@hsu.edu
Office: ROTC Building
Matthew Schoultz
Instructor of Computer Science
Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics
Phone Number: 870-230-5598
HSU Box: 7883
Email: schoulml@hsu.edu
Ingo Schranz
Professor of Chemistry
Phone Number: 870-230-5174
HSU Box: 7700
Email: schrani@hsu.edu
Office: Reynolds 301B
Forrest Schultz
Director of Golf
Phone Number: 870-230-5177
HSU Box: 7630
Email: schultb@hsu.edu
Office: Field House 109
Holly Schultz
Assistant Director for Davis Baker Preschool
Family and Consumer Sciences
Phone Number: 870-230-5260
HSU Box: 7724
Email: schulth@hsu.edu
Office: Education Center 134
Natalie Scrimshire
Assistant Librarian/Metadata Librarian
Phone Number: 870-230-5271
HSU Box: 7541
Email: scrimsn@hsu.edu
Office: Huie
Wally Senter
Assistant Swim Coach
Phone Number: 870-230-5206
HSU Box: 7630
Email: senterw@hsu.edu
Office: Wells 106D
Scotty Serio
Head Swimming Coach
Athletics Staff
Phone Number: 870-230-5206
HSU Box: 7630
Email: serios@hsu.edu
Office: Wells 106F
Kristina Shelton
Chief Academic Nursing Officer
Phone Number: 870-230-5379
HSU Box:
Email: sheltok@hsu.edu
Office: Nursing Building 102
Joyce Shepherd
Chair and Professor of Sociology, Human Services/Social Work, and Criminal Justice
Sociology and Human Services
Phone Number: 870-230-5142
HSU Box: 7661
Email: shepherj@hsu.edu
Office: McBrien 309G
Dawn Shinn
Adjunct Faculty
Curriculum and Instruction
Phone Number:
HSU Box:
Email: shinnd@hsu.edu
Adrienne Shuffield
Interim Project Director
Veterans Upward Bound
Phone Number: 870-230-5710
HSU Box: 7503
Email: shuffia@hsu.edu
Office: Hickory House
Nicholas Simon
Data Center and Systems Administrative Support
Information Technology Services
Phone Number: 870-230-5534
HSU Box: 7732
Email: simonn@hsu.edu
Office: Foster 209
Jasmine Skinner
Fiscal Support Analyst - Student Accounts
Business Office
Phone Number: 870-230-5431
HSU Box: 7531
Email: skinnej@hsu.edu
Office: Womack 314
Blake Smith
Director of International Admissions
Office of Admissions
Phone Number: 870-230-5332
HSU Box: 7610
Email: smithbm@hsu.edu
Office: Smith Garner House
Diane Smith
Adjunct Faculty
Curriculum and Instruction
Phone Number:
HSU Box:
Email: smithju@hsu.edu
Drew Smith
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Director of the Honors College
English, Foreign Languages, and Philosophy
Phone Number: 870-230-5407
HSU Box: 7684
Email: smithc@hsu.edu
Office: Stugis 120
Kemp Smith
Public Safety Officer
University Police
Phone Number: 870-230-5098
HSU Box: 7572
Email: smithk@hsu.edu
Office: Meeks
Lisa Smith
Director of Financial Aid
Financial Aid
Phone Number: 870-230-5148
HSU Box: 7812
Email: smithli@hsu.edu
Office: Womack 206
Mike Smith
Assistant Director of Procurement Services
Business Office
Phone Number: 870-680-4230
HSU Box:
Email: mismith@astate.edu
Carrie Stanley
Admissions Marketing & Communications Specialist
Office of Admissions
Phone Number: 870-230-5109
HSU Box: 7560
Email: stanlec@hsu.edu
Office: Womack 103A
Kelly Stewart
Academic Advisor/RISE Coordinator
Academic Advising Center
Phone Number: 870-230-5557
HSU Box: 7722
Email: stewark@hsu.edu
Office: Foster 313
David Stoddard
Professor of Media and Graphic Design
Communication, Theatre Arts and Innovative Media
Phone Number: 870-230-5020
HSU Box: 7792
Email: stoddad@hsu.edu
Office: Russell Fine Arts 151
David Stoddard
Phone Number: 870-230-5020
HSU Box: 7792
Email: stoddad@hsu.edu
Office: Russell Fine Arts 151
William Strong
Graduate Assistant
Information Technology Services
Phone Number: 870-230-5275
HSU Box: 7732
Email: strongld@hsu.edu
Office: Foster 204
Taylor Swanson
Graduate Assistant
Advanced Instructional Studies
Phone Number: 870-230-5160
HSU Box: 7770
Email: swansot@hsu.edu
Office: ED231