2022-2023 Catalog

University Mission

Mission Statement

Henderson State University is committed to preparing students for employment in high-demand fields in Arkansas and our region. We offer comprehensive academic programs in the areas of business, innovation and entrepreneurship; applied professional science and technology; health, education, and social sustainability; and the arts and humanities.

Henderson offers a quality education guided by a faculty and staff who are committed to excellence and dedicated to serving a diverse student body. The university encourages scholarly and creative activities in a caring, personal atmosphere that reflects the university’s motto for over a century: “The School with a Heart.”

Henderson's learning communities bring together faculty, staff, and core campus functions to serve student success. In aligning administrative and academic units around this common cause, all Henderson employees across all functions are essential to realizing our aspirations. Community organizations, businesses, governments, and peer institutions are key partners in broadening student opportunities and promoting pathways from learning to work.

Commitment to Outcomes Assessment

Henderson is committed to a continuous process of improving all areas of the institution, particularly student academic achievement. Faculty regularly assess the extent to which students have developed skills, knowledge bases, attitudes, and behaviors which are required of the specific profession and/or the applicable accreditation standards. Faculty and staff also evaluate student perceptions of coursework, teaching, advising, and other important services provided to support student learning. This allows students to have a voice in improving not only the qualify of their own educational experience, but also the experiences of future Henderson students. This assessment and evaluation process occurs at the individual, class, program, department, and university levels. Results of this assessment process are used to help make decisions to enhance the quality of student learning and the learning environment at Henderson. Students should anticipate participating in wide array of evaluation and assessment procedures throughout their educational careers. All those who participate in this assessment and evaluation process, including students, faculty and staff, are expected to enter into these procedures openly and honestly in an effort to assess Henderson State University in this continuous improvement process.