Academic Policies

Academic Clemency

Academic clemency may be granted to any student who has not been enrolled at an institution of higher education for a minimum period of three years. Students who meet that criteria must petition in writing for clemency during their first semester enrolled at Henderson State University (HSU). Requests for clemency must be submitted directly to the Registrar in writing and include a detailed explanation as to why clemency should be granted. The appeals will be heard and decided by the Admissions & Adjustments Committee.

If approved, clemency will not be granted until 15 hours of coursework at HSU have been completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.00; all previous grades prior to the date of petition for clemency will not be counted in a student's new grade point average; the "slate will be wiped clean;" the awarding of clemency will be noted on a student's transcript. The transcript will list the dates for the clemency period as well as the date clemency was granted. Transfer students who received clemency at another institution may petition for clemency at HSU.

As of Fall 2020 all coursework and grades during the clemency period will remain on the transcript. The grades will not be counting in GPA. A Clemency comment will be added to the transcript.