Academic Policies 2020-2021

Course Load

Normally an undergraduate student registered for 11 credit hours or less will not be considered as enrolled full-time. In order to ensure appropriate progress toward degree completion, and to remain eligible for certain scholarships, it is recommended that full-time students enroll for 15 credit hours each semester. The maximum load is 18 credit hours each semester and 7 hours during any single summer session (3 hours during Mini-May). Students of exceptional ability may be granted permission by the Department Chair or College Dean to enroll in additional hours during fall/spring semesters, but for not more than 23 hours. Exceptions will not be granted for summer sessions. In service teachers have a maximum load of 6 hours.

  • Undergraduate Full-Time = > 12 Credit Hours
  • Undergraduate ¾ Time = 9-11 Credit Hours
  • Undergraduate ½ Time = 6-8 Credit Hours
  • Undergraduate Less Than ½ Time = < 5 Credit Hours

*For graduate level equivalents see Graduate School Catalog.