Academic Policies 2020-2021


The university assumes that regular class attendance is essential to student success. Students not attending regularly scheduled classes are considered absent. Faculty members reserve the right to deal with absences, to decide makeup work required, if any, and to drop students for absences that exceed the instructor’s policy. Faculty members reserve the right to drop/withdraw a student from their course for excessive absences up through the last day to withdraw from a single course. However, ultimately the responsibility for dropping/withdrawing from unattended courses falls on the student. The faculty member reserves the right to assign a grade of “F” because of absences.

Lists of students who are to be absent while representing the university should be made available to faculty members prior to the event. All such reports of absences are for information purposes only. However, faculty members will give these students the opportunity to make up missed work upon student-initiated contact prior to the noted absence. While students are personally responsible for the academic consequences of a poor attendance record, faculty members should inform students in writing of their interpretation of absence regulations as they pertain to each course. This notification should be given to the student at the beginning of the course as part of the syllabus.