Transcript & Enrollment Verification

Henderson State University is proud to use National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) online transcript and enrollment verification services. NSC services allow for fast and efficient processing of transcript and enrollment verification requests. Following the instructions below, students may request transcripts or enrollment verification online from any location. Computer access for this purpose is also available to students visiting the Registrar's Office. We will either mail your documentation or send it electronically to your destination of choice.

As of June 1, 2017 transcript requests will not be accepted by paper form, postage mail, email or fax. The Registrar's Office staff are happy to answer any questions you may have concerning NSC transcript request services.

Policy on Unofficial Transcripts: Students may obtain unofficial transcripts via MyHenderson. The Registrar's Office does not accept unofficial transcript request by email, phone or fax. Prior students who are unable to access MyHenderson will need to request an official transcript through NSC (see below).

Students (Past & Present) With an Outstanding Balance > $1.00. Students with a balance over $1.00 are not eligible to receive an official transcript. There are only two exceptions to this policy.

1.) Official Transcripts for Campus Events & Organizations

2.) Official Transcripts for Scholarships (applies to any scholarship to be used toward an outstanding balance at HSU).

National Student Clearinghouse

To request a Henderson transcript please visit ( The Clearinghouse will notify Henderson State when a transcript request is made.

Note: The Registrar’s Office will only issue Henderson State University Transcripts. Official transcripts submitted to Henderson on a student’s behalf will not be released to the student. However, students do have the right to view documents in their file (photo ID required). Transcripts will not be issued if the student has a standing Business Office hold.

To request an enrollment verification please visit (