Student Affairs and Student Success


Mission Statement
The Division of Student Affairs and Student Success creates opportunities that empower and equip a diverse population for lifelong success.

As a result of participating in opportunities provided via the Division of Student Affairs and Student Success, students will be able to:

  • Theme One: Diversity awareness and social engagement
    • Demonstrate respect for cultural and identity-based differences
    • Evaluate how systems of power and privilege impact themselves and others
    • Apply strategies that emphasize compromise and cooperation
    • Balance the needs of self with needs of others
  • Theme Two: Socio-emotional intelligence
    • Distinguish their personal values
    • Identify skills they can use to advocate for themselves
    • Practice personal accountability
    • Explore barriers to interpersonal communication
  • Theme Three: Personal Wellness
    • Demonstrate strategies to manage social well-being
    • Employ strategies to manage physical well-being
    • Practice strategies to manage emotional well-being
    • Explore issues of purpose and meaning within the context of higher education
  • Theme Four: Leadership Development
    • Evaluate obstacles to change
    • Apply a process for decision making
    • Incorporate ethical reasoning into action
    • Exercise sound budgeting and money management principles