Academic Forum

Academic Forum 2014–15 / Number 32

Michael Lloyd, Ph.D.

Clint Atchley, Ph.D.
Renea Clark, M.B.A.
Dennis DiMarzio, J.D.
Maryjane Dunn, Ph.D.
Carolyn Eoff, Ph.D.
TaLisha Givan, Ed.D.
John Greene, A.B.D.
William Henshaw, M.F.A.
Laura Lawhorn, B.S.
Beth Ann Maxfield, Ph.D.
Cadra McDaniel, Ph.D.
Holly Morado, M.A.
Lloyd Moyo, Ph.D.
Margarita Peraza-Rugeley, Ph.D.
David Sesser, MLIS.
Brett Serviss, Ph.D.
Leah Sexton, M.L.A.
William Sutley, M.A.
Michael Taylor, M.F.A.
Patrick Wempe, Ed.D.
Fred Worth, Ph.D.

With the exceptions of formatting and minor corrections, these papers have been reprinted as submitted; the authors have employed a form and style appropriate to their respective disciplines. The editor wishes to express appreciation to the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, who allocated funding for this publication. Also, thanks to Steve Fellers and Tim Jones for the cover artwork and making the printing arrangements. Special thanks to the authors and proofreaders, whose contributions continue to make the Academic Forum a success. Copyrights are retained by the authors, and republication or reproduction requires their consent.

Introduction as it appeared in the paper edition


Pamela Bax, Martin Campbell, Tanesha Eabron, and David Thomson
Factors that Impede the Progress, Success, and Persistence to Pursue STEM Education for Henderson State University Students Who Are Enrolled in Honors College and in the McNair Scholars Program

Linda English
The Legend of Belle

Glenda Hyer
Teaching Literacy Skills to Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities: A Review of Literature

Michael Lloyd and Jonathan Eagle
Statistical Analysis of Evergreen Invaders

Lloyd Moyo
Evaluation of Indefinite Integrals of sec x and csc x by the MUTOBO Method

A. Margarita Peraza-Rugeley
The Art of Seeing and Being Seen: the poems of Moon Chung-Hee

Michael Taylor
A Troubled King: Tavis Smiley talks about the final year of MLK's life
Legal Literature: Scott Turow discusses Jeff Bezos, Monica Lewinsky, Warren Zevon, and his latest legal thriller

No Surrender: Carl Hiaasen talks about his wacky style of Florida thriller, teen edition

One Giant Step Back: Margaret Lazarus Dean bids a nuanced farewell to American spaceflight

Peter Wilson (Mentor: Peggy Dunn Bailey)
The Man-Forged Miscreants

Fred Worth
The Worst Hitters in Baseball History