Academic Forum

Academic Forum 2010–11 / Number 28

Michael Lloyd, Ph.D.

Lea Ann Alexander, M.L.S.
Tricia Baar, M.F.A.
Tim Baghurst, Ph.D.
Betsy Fulmer, M.S.E.
David Gardner, M.S.E.
Aaron Harford, M.S.
William Henshaw, M.F.A
David Sesser, B.A.
Michael Taylor, M.F.A.
Patrick Wempe, Ed.D.
Anita Williams, Ph.D.
Fred Worth, Ph.D.

Faculty Development and Research Committee

Ellis College
John Hardee, Ph.D., chair
Aneeq Ahmad, Ph.D.
Peggy Bailey, Ph.D.
Beverly Buys, M.F.A.
William Higgins, D.M.A.
William Henshaw, M.F.A.
Duane Jackson, Ph.D.
Martin James, Ph.D.
Basil Miller, Ph.D.
Janice O’Donnell, M.S.
Brett Serviss, Ph.D.
Shanta Sharma, Ph.D.
Pam Shurett, M.S.N.

School of Business
Margaret Hoskins, Ph.D., chair
Nathan Campbell, Ph.D.
Calvin Shipley, M.S.
Mike Watters, D.B.A.
Hank Wilson, M.S.E.

Teachers College, Henderson
Linda English, Ph.D.
Rhonda Harrington, M.S.E.
Bernie Hellums, Ed.D.
Don Peterson, Ph.D.
Connie Phelps, Ph.D.
Celya Taylor, M.B.A.

With the exceptions of formatting and minor corrections, these papers have been reprinted as submitted where the authors have employed a form and style appropriate to their respective disciplines. The editor wishes to express appreciation to the proofreaders, the Faculty Research Committee who allocated funding for this publication, Tim Jones for making printing arrangements, Penny Murphy who designed the cover art, and especially to the authors whose contributions continue to make Academic Forum a success. Copyrights are retained by the authors, and republication or reproduction requires their consent.

Introduction as it appeared in the paper edition


Jeremey Beasley (Mentor: Linda English)
Grief and Bereavement in the Counseling World

Renae Clark, Paul Robertson, Arabella Quezada
Influence of the Accounting Principles Instructor on Decision of University Students to Major in Accounting
(Permission was not granted for publishing this paper online.)

Linda English
"Until She’s Done with You", The Empathy Story

DebiLynn Fendley
Bikers, Photography, and Me: Analyzing Susan Sontag

Daniel Kendie
Bismarck: The Man and the Statesman

Michael Lloyd
Geometrical Solutions using the TI-nspire

Fred Worth
Tales from the Crypt (or "Adventures and Misadventures while looking for Baseball Player Graves")