Academic Forum

Academic Forum 2006–07 / Number 24

Michael Lloyd, Ph.D.

Second Readers
Mitzi Bass, M.A.
Marck Beggs, Ph.D.
David Gardner, M.S.E.
Julia Hall, Ph.D.
Patrick Wempe, Ed.D.
Anita Williams, Ph.D.

Faculty Development and Research Committee
John Hardee, Ph.D., Chair
William Henshaw, M.F.A.
William Higgins, D.M.A.
Duane Jackson, Ph.D.
Haroon Khan, Ph.D.
Jules Mollere, Ph.D.
Janice O’Donnell, M.S.
Henry Perez, Ph.D.
Brett Serviss, Ph.D.
Shanta Sharma, Ph.D.
David Stoddard, M.F.A.
Paul Williamson, Ph.D.

With the exceptions of formatting and minor corrections, these papers have been reprinted as submitted where the authors have employed a form and style appropriate to their respective disciplines. The editor wishes to express appreciation to the proofreaders, the Faculty Research Committee who allocated funding for this publication, Penny Murphy who designed the cover art, and especially to the authors whose contributions continue to make Academic Forum a success. Copyrights are retained by the authors and republication or reproduction requires their consent.

Introduction as it appeared in the paper edition


Linda G. English
From Written to Spoken Word, The Owl and the Mockingbird

Nathan Holloway (Mentor: Peggy Dunn Bailey)
Someone that Doesn't Love a Wall

YoungJun Kim
Strategic Pricing of Technology License under Product Differentiation

Michael Lloyd
Pursuit Curves

Mary Beth Trubitt and Matthew Reynolds
Dating Caddo Indian Habitation at the Hughes Site (3SA11)

Fred Worth
A Geographical look at Home Runs

Kathryn Zawisza (Mentor: Marck L. Beggs)
Genghis Khan's Family Reunion: A Study of Hazara Unity in Afghanistan