Academic Forum

Academic Forum 2005–06 / Number 23

Michael Lloyd, Ph.D.

Second Readers
Lea Ann Alexander, M.L.S.
Mitzi Bass, M.A.
Marck Beggs, Ph.D.
Dennis DiMarzio, J.D.
David Gardner, M.S.E.
John Greene, M.S.E.
Glenna Sumner, Ph.D.
Charlie Weiner, Ed.D.

Faculty Research Committee
George Ann Stallings, M.B.E. - Chair
Aneeq Ahmad, Ph.D.
Randy Duncan, Ph.D.
Young Jung Kim, Ph.D.
Jerri Post, B.S.
Doris Wright, M.B.A.

With the exceptions of formatting and minor corrections, these papers have been reprinted as submitted where the authors have employed a form and style appropriate to their respective disciplines. The editor wishes to express appreciation to the proofreaders, the Faculty Research Committee who allocated funding for this publication, Penny Murphy who designed the cover art, and especially to the authors whose contributions continue to make Academic Forum a success. Copyrights are retained by the authors and republication or reproduction requires their consent.

Introduction as it appeared in the paper edition


Andrew Scott Bledsoe (Mentor: Martin Halpern)
"We Are a Spectacle to God": The Phenomenon of Confederate Revivalism

Linda G. English
Story, Archetype and Healing

Betsy Fulmer
Sofonisba Anguissola: Marvel of Nature

Michael Lloyd
A Markov Chain Competition Model

Linda Njoh (Mentor: Michael Lloyd)
Organization Skills for Toddlers

Thomas Sepe (Mentor: Peggy Dunn Bailey)
The Perfect Façade

Michael Ray Taylor
Angela Deconstructed

Traveler's deLite

Fred Worth
Great (But Lesser Known) Theorems

Progressive Team Home Run Leaders of the New York Mets and Chicago White Sox