Academic Forum

Academic Forum 1999–00 / Number 17

Marck L. Beggs

Associate Editor
Michael Lloyd

Faculty Research Committee
John Hardee, Chair
Wayne McGinnis
Wali Mondal
Gary Simmons
Georgine Steinmiller
Doris Wright

Second Readers
Lea Ann Alexander
Clinton Atchley
Mitzi Bass
Kathryn Duncan
Carolyn Eoff
Kathryn Maus
Anita Williams

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Arkansas Studies

Marian Breland Bailey: A Pioneer in the History of Applied Animal Psychology
Brandy Lea Cook-Hasley and Todd Wiebers

Win Whipple of Arkadelphia
Larry Don Frost

A Tale of Two Newspapers
Gigi Jabara

Donald Harington: A Case for Individualism
Brent Linsley

Hispanic Immigration in Arkansas
Jill Monroe

The Effects of the Arkansas Economy on AETN Revenue Resources
Kassi Richey

The Place of Music and Liberal Arts in Our Life: A Final Lecture over Certain Connections in Human Thought and a Charge to My Students at HSU
William Underwood

General Studies

Y1K: Did the Anglo-Saxons Really Dance the Apocalypso?
Clinton Atchley

Martin Gilbert and the Mosaic of Modern History
Ann Beck and J. Robert Greene

Toward a Theory of Comic Book Communication
Randy Duncan

The Language of 'Alice' Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland), Arlo Guthrie ("Alice’s Restaurant") and Noam Chomsky's View of Language Development
Kevin K. J. Durand

Juneteenth (Book Review)
Larry Don Frost

Egypt and the Hydro-Politics of the Blue Nile River
Daniel Kendie

The Origins of the Cold War and Contemporary Europe by Charles Maier (Book Review)
Daniel Kendie

The Russian Revolution (1917-1921), Vol. I by William Henry Chamberlin (Book Review)
Daniel Kendie

The Russian Revolution (1917-1921), Vol. II by William Henry Chamberlin (Book Review)
Daniel Kendie

Using a Graphing Calculator to Teach Probability and Statistics
Michael R. Lloyd

An Analysis of Female Characters Depicting a Blend of Feminism and Traditionalism in Selected Works by Isabel Allende
Kathryn Maus