Association sings praises of music department

The National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) has reaccredited Henderson State University, citing the music department’s administrative support, passionate faculty, and student performance levels.

“The accreditation shows that the music department meets or exceeds national standards, continuing our tradition of preparing excellent musicians and music educators,” said Dr. Jim Buckner, music department chair.

The reaccreditation process took six years, including three consultant visits, the NAMS team visit, and hundreds of pages of self-study and appendixes, Buckner said.

In his report, NAMS consultant Dr. David Gier said he was “struck by the high level of engagement exhibited by both faculty and students and the overall vitality of the unit.”

After observing large ensemble and student chamber ensemble rehearsals, along with private lessons and practice sessions, Gier said, “In all cases, I was impressed with the musicianship and technical proficiency exhibited by the students, the sophistication of the repertoire, and the general sense of purpose and commitment.

“Clearly, the music department at Henderson is a vibrant, exciting place for students to be, and the standards, expectations, and levels of achievement are impressive.”

The NAMS report listed numerous departmental strengths, including:

• Supportive administrators in offices of president, provost, and dean

• Students’ feeling of community and connection to faculty members

• Experienced, approachable faculty who are passionate about what they do

• Good connection of the music unit to the community

• Sense of history at the institution that values the importance of music

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