Henderson implements new placement test

Henderson State University is replacing the placement test it has used in the past to determine if students must take remedial courses.

“With ACT phasing out its Compass test on Nov. 30, I had to find a replacement that would compare to or is somewhat similar to the Compass test for our university’s placement purposes,” said Geraldine Morris, director of testing. “After careful consideration and researching what surrounding colleges are using, I found that ACCUPLACER, a similar test from the College Board, would best suit our needs.”

ACCUPLACER is a low-cost, computerized exam that is a relatively quick way of assessing students’ abilities in reading, writing, and mathematics, Morris said.

More than 1,500 institutions administer ACCUPLACER as part of their enrollment process. With ACCUPLACER’s online and untimed format, the test questions are based on the students’ responses to each question they’ve already answered, Morris said. Questions increase or decrease in difficulty depending on their answers as they work through the test.

“ACCUPLACER is significantly different from COMPASS and I would encourage students to review the test to become familiar with the test questions,” said Dr. Lewis Shepherd, vice president for student and external affairs.  “Also, the practice test can help them to identify the academic areas where they may need assistance and prepare them to improve on their scores.”

Students can learn more about ACCUPLACER at accuplacer.collegeboard.org/students. A web-based study app is available.

Morris said she has attended several webinars and workshops to help her and her staff administer the ACCUPLACER beginning Dec. 1.

“I have registered Henderson and we are all set to go,” she said. “I anticipate a very smooth transition and look forward to getting started.”