Student debt ranking highlights Henderson’s value

Henderson State University was ranked fifth in Arkansas in the recent Student Loan Debt Survey conducted by LendEDU. This distinction is the latest in a string of honors ( showcasing the value and cost-effectiveness of an education at the School with a Heart.

In the study, LendEDU ranked the state of Arkansas as 39th in the country for student-loan debt, with students throughout the state graduating with an average debt of $26,173. About 57 percent of Arkansas’s college students graduate with loans.

The study ( found that Henderson State University students borrow an average of $23,641 to complete their college education.

Currently, there are over 43 million Americans holding more than 1.35 trillion dollars in student loan debt. The average borrower from the Class of 2015 graduated with around $28,400 in debt.

Henderson State was also ranked for low student debt by Student Loan Report