Chemistry Department receives ACS certification

Henderson State University’s Department of Chemistry has received program approval from the American Chemical Society (ACS), a designation that certifies Henderson’s chemistry program is committed to providing a broadly based and intellectually challenging experience.

“Program certification is an external validation that our chemistry programs are of a caliber comparable to any chemistry program in the nation,” said Dr. John Long, professor and chair of Henderson’s chemistry department.

Long said the department met with external reviewers on-site.

“We illustrated to them that the courses we teach, the level of breadth and rigor, is comparable to anywhere else,” he said. “Our research is substantial and significant, and a good training tool for undergraduate students, especially those hoping to go to graduate school.”

The chemistry program will provide a degree path that is ACS-certified. Long said it is basically the same as the existing degree program, but majors must take some extra advanced courses.

Graduates will receive a certificate to accompany their diplomas.

“Graduate schools were already impressed by our graduates, but this will open new doors for students applying to summer programs and graduate programs that would otherwise simply be overlooked,” Long said.

Institutions with an ACS-approved chemistry program attract top high school talent looking for established and rigorous departments, according to the ACS.

“Approved departments are staffed by accomplished faculty, contain a modern and well-maintained infrastructure, and provide a coherent chemistry curriculum.”

“The ACS accreditation of our chemistry degree program underscores the very high quality of the program itself and the experience that our faculty bring to our students,” said Dr. Steve Adkison, provost and vice president for academic affairs. “ Only a small percentage of chemistry programs are so accredited, and we are proud of the work done by our chemistry faculty.”

Henderson’s Strategic Plan prioritizes the strengthening of existing programs to help increase the quality of its students’ education and expand their opportunities.