'Blue Cleaning' brings healthier campus environment

Henderson State University has created a healthier and safer environment for students through the use of “Blue Cleaning.”

Electrically activated water (EAW) eliminates the need for most conventional cleaning chemicals. It uses a process to convert water, electricity, and a small amount of salt into an effective cleaning solution.

Students who are sensitive to ordinary cleaning solutions will not be bothered by the smell or effects of the “Blue Cleaning” method.

In addition to reducing the campus’s carbon footprint, EAW can provide substantial cost-saving benefits by doing more with less. It reduces chemical usage by as much as 75 percent, and cuts the cost for chemicals by 25-30 percent.

Henderson State signed a facility service agreement with Aramark last June to provide custodial, maintenance, and other services for the campus.

According to Aramark, students report that a university’s commitment to the environment influences their decision to attend that college.

“Recent advancements in custodial technology have made campus cleaning a terrific area for carbon footprint reduction and an opportunity to create a healthier environment for students.”

For more information about “Blue Cleaning,” go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q6iwQbBd3Q