Jones finds satisfaction as financial adviser

Joshua Jones began investing in the stock market when he was 11.

“I really enjoyed the concepts of the stock market, and I knew I could not work my whole life and not enjoy what I do,” he said.

Jones was homeschooled and raised in Texarkana, Arkansas, but he took college level courses at Texarkana College during his junior and senior years.

Jones enrolled as a business finance major at Henderson State University in 2012 and graduated in 2014. He was involved with MBSF, a Christian organization on campus, and served as the treasurer for the Henderson College Republicans.

He also served as vice president of finance for the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi.

Jones is now a financial advisor for Edward Jones in Hope.

“Right before graduating from Henderson, I was extended an offer to come to work for Edward Jones after a grueling seven-week hiring process,” he said. “Once I passed the required tests, and after several months of studying, I started my training in St. Louis.

“I began prospecting in Texarkana where I started my career. As I was building my business, I moved to Hope to take over for an existing Edward Jones office. I hope this is where I’ll work for the remainder of my career.”

Jones said his finance degree from Henderson gave him a “general overview and background of the investment world.”

“I would definitely recommend the program,” he said. “I have used just about every bit of what I learned. The professors are straight to the point.”

For Jones, compounding interest is the most interesting aspect of finance.

“It can make you wealthy or very poor, depending on if you control it or if you let it control you,” he said. “Starting your investing habits early in life can make an individual very affluent, especially in retirement.”

 Jones said he enjoys three particular aspects of his job.

 “I appreciate the friendships I make with all my clients, the challenge of growing a business and always learning, and being able to use the gifts God has given me to help others,” he said.

 Jones added this advice:

 “Someone who invests in the stock market at a young age will probably have exponentially more money by retirement than someone who starts investing just a few years before retirement. The same applies to every area in your life.

 “If you invest in yourself through hard work early on, you will have so much more success than your peers. Work hard early and never say ‘oh, I have plenty of time.’ You do not. Your 20s are the most crucial time of your potential financial success.”