Alumni Profile: Josh Berry

Viewers tuned to the local newscast on Columbia, South Carolina’s, ABC affiliate will soon be watching a Reddie deliver their news.

Josh Berry, a 2010 graduate of Henderson State University, has been named the main anchor for the station’s weeknight newscasts. He currently serves as an anchor and reporter for KARK Channel 4 and Fox 16 in Little Rock.

Berry said he’s been interested in broadcasting since junior high school.

“An older friend of mine went to college for broadcast journalism and it piqued my interest and stuck,” he said. “I had initially been interested in sports broadcasting, but decided on news when I got to Henderson. Getting to work on HTV (Henderson Television) newscasts solidified my plans.”

Graduating from Lamar High School in Arlington, Texas, in 2006, Berry heard about Henderson through a mutual contact at his mother’s employer in the Dallas area.

“Anita Cabe talked up the school and I figured I’d come give it a look,” he said. “I was sold by those in the admissions office who gave me a tour. It was also close enough to home so if I wanted to go back I could, but far enough for me to get away.”

Berry said he benefited most from hands-on work with HTV, along with the internship required for the degree plan. He interned for the CBS station in Dallas his senior year.

“Networking, specifically connections I made with both my broadcast journalism teacher and reporters at my internship, set me up with my first job,” he said.

Henderson’s mass media program provided the tools he needed for success in the field, Berry said.

“With anything you do in life, it’s what you make of it,” he said. “So many people I’ve worked with have gone to the big journalism schools across the country but have done nothing more than I have with my degree.

“Also, people currently in the field will often try to discourage you from pursuing this career, but don’t listen to them. Yes, it can be stressful; yes, you don’t make much money at first; but there are so many things that make it worthwhile.”

After he graduated from Henderson, Berry was a radio DJ in Arkadelphia and did play-by-play for Arkadelphia High School basketball. A year later, he was hired as an anchor/reporter for a television station in Abilene, Texas, then moved to Little Rock in 2012.

“Storytelling is my favorite part of the job,” Berry said. “Reporting live in an urgent breaking news situation definitely get your blood pumping, but getting to work closely with characters or subjects of a personal story is what I enjoy the most.”

Berry said he has covered presidential campaigns, Republican and Democratic conventions, interviewed celebrities, and flown on helicopters.

“But providing a voice to people who deserve to have their stories shared or otherwise couldn’t speak out is the best part of the job,” he said.

When asked to describe himself, Berry said, “I like to think I’m easygoing, fun, caring and friendly, but I hope more than anything I’m a good, loving father and husband.

“And while I get in front of a camera every day speaking to thousands of people, I can be fairly introverted, and I’m not big on public speaking.”

If he hadn’t pursued a career in media, Berry said he thought about flying and a career in aviation (and still does). He also considered being a coach and math teacher, changing his major to education for a semester.

“One of my favorite things about working in Little Rock has been the proximity to Arkadelphia and Henderson State,” Berry said. “I’ve met so many people I now love like family and will miss seeing familiar faces on my trips there.

“I owe a lot to people there and look forward to coming back and visiting.”