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Henderson State University has an affirmative action policy that includes equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination by race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, veteran's status, or disability in the recruitment of faculty and administrative personnel.


Employment Applications are available from the Office of Human Resources or from any local Employment Security Division office.

Apply through the Office of Human Resources. Applications are kept on file until June 30th each year.


Application packets may be mailed directly to the appropriate search committee at the university's address.

Need more Information?

Please contact the Henderson State Office of Human Resources by email. Or call (870) 230-230-5108


Current Employee Resources

HSU Policies and Handbooks

Committee Handbook 2013-2014
Faculty Handbook
New Employee Manual
Non-classified Recruitment Handbook
Policy Development
Staff Handbook

Staff Handbook Addendum
Visual Identity and Style Guide

Recruitement Guidelines for Classified Employees

State of Arkansas Policies and Forms

Concurrent Employment Definition and Policies
Concurrent Employment Request Form

Human Resource Information and Forms


Leave Reporting

Leave Reporting
Leave Report-Monthly


Compensatory Time Notice

Compensatory Time Notice

Employee Benefit Information

Dental Insurance Change Package 2014 Plan Year
 Health Advantage Benefit Summary 2014 Plan Year
Health Dental Vision Premium Chart 2014 Plan Year
Grandfathered Health Plan Notice (Health Advantage)
Health Advantage Summary of Benefits and Coverage 2013

Holiday Schedules
Holiday Schedule 2013
Holiday Schedule 2014 

Remission of Tuition

Faculty/Staff Remission of Fees Form
Spouse/Dependent Remission of Fees Form
Qualifying Life Events and Deadlines

Stipends/Salary Information and Forms

Authorization to Pay Adjuncts

Authorization to Pay Grant Personnel

Instructions to Request an Extension Salary Payment 2013

Request for Extension Salary Payment 2013 


Business Office Information and Forms--General Budget

Request for budget or budget adjustment (.pdf, 47K)

Cell Phone

Cell Phone Acknowledgement Form (.pdf, 37K)
Cell Phones, Taxable Fringe Benefit Information (.pdf, 28K)


Aramark Billing (.pdf,32K)
Departmental Deposits Policy (.pdf,44K)
Departmental Deposits Procedures/Acknowledgement (.pdf,9K)
Departmental Deposit Transmittal Form (.xls, 25K)
Money Box Request/Authorization (.xls,30K)
Request for withdrawal or transfer of agency funds (.pdf,15K)



Payroll Schedule

Bi-weekly Payroll Schedule 2010-2011
Monthly Payroll Schedule 2010-2011

Monthly Payroll Schedule 2011-2012


Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (W-9) (.pdf,51K)

A person who is required to file an information return with the IRS, must obtain your correct taxpayer identification number (TIN) to report, for example, income paid to you, real estate transactions, mortgage interest you paid, acquisition or abandonment of secured property, cancellation of debt, or contributions you made to an IRA.


General Travel Guide (.pdf,30K)
Group Travel Guidelines (.pdf,30K)
Meals and lodging, in-state reimbursement rate (.pdf,47K)
Out of State Reimbursement Rates (.pdf,59K)
Round Trip Mileage Chart $0.30 (.pdf,179K)
Round-trip mileage $0.42 (.pdf,180K)
State of Arkansas Travel Regulation (.pdf,248K)
Travel Expense Reimbursement (TR1E) (.xls,30K)
Travel Expense Reimbursement (TR1E-42 cents) (.xls,23K)
Travel Supervisors (.pdf,39K)


Henderson News

Newsletters and Memos


Services and Help

Forms and Information

Computer Services Information

Printers Support Criteria (.pdf,96K)
Community News (.pdf,117K)
Procedure for purchasing laser toner cartridges (.pdf,120K)

Multimedia Information

Equipment Loans from Multimedia (.pdf,92K)
MMLC Audio Visual Solutions (.pdf,58K)

University Police

Reporting Accidents (.pdf,49K)
Accident Report (.pdf,748K)
Registering Motor Vehicles (.pdf,45K)

Physical Plant Information

Request for Keys (.pdf,49K)

Post Office Guidelines and Information

Post Office Guidelines (.pdf,51K)
Shipping Packages (.pdf,86K)
Bulk Mailing Information (.pdf,46K)
Track Your Order (.pdf,47K)

Purchasing Items


Garrison Center Site Planning Forms


Discount Offers
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Teaching Resources

Information and Resources for Faculty

All My Courses
Advisor Resource
Student Intervention System
Course Search

Help and Handbooks


Help Using Skylite and myHenderson

Add/Drop Student in Course
Course Rosters
E-Mailing Students in myHenderson
View a Student's Transcript
Printing Posters in Skylite
Early Alert Retention Program

Policies and Procedures

Adjunct Faculty, Regulations and Procedures


Overload Stipend and Equipment Policy

Forms and Instructions

Degree Programs and Courses

Record Number Request
Course Change Proposal Form

Employment Forms

Application for Promotion
Application for Tenure
Graduate Faculty Information
Sabbatical Leave Application

Campus Connect Logon
Faculty Resource Links
Course Evaluation Reports

Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Minutes

Faculty Senate Minutes Archives


Faculty Senate Documents

Ellis College Information and Forms

Margin of Excellence

MoE Proposal Form and Guidelines
MoE Invoice


Margin of Excellence Awards

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award

Outstanding Creative Accomplishment Award

Outstanding Graduating Senior Award

Curriculum and Planning

Ellis College Curriculum Committee



Call for Research Proposals

Travel and Expensive

Ellis college Planning and Advisory Committee

Ellis college Request for Travel Funding

Handbooks and Information

Department Chair's Handbook, Ellis College

Department Chair's Listing, Ellis College


Teachers College

Teachers College Handbook

Adjunct Faculty Guide - Teachers College

Practicum Procedures

Graduate School

Forms, Handbooks and Information

Alpha Epsilon Lambda Nomination Form

Alpha Epsilon Lambda Qualification for Membership

School of Business


Honors College Information and Forms

University Academic Counsel

UAC Course Change Proposal (word doc)
UAC Course Change Proposal (pdf)
UAC New Course Proposal (word doc)

UAC New Course Proposal (pdf)

Academic Information

Academic Information and Resources

Course Search

Online Registration Information

Student Academic Forms

Application for Graduation
Application for Residency Classification
Change of Major
Request to Audit Course
Request for Incomplete Grade
Name Change
Petition to Transfer D Grades to Henderson State
Request for Grade of No Credit (NC)
Advanced Placement Exam Criteria
CLEP Exams and HSU Courses
Form to Request No Release of Directory Information
Request for Replacement Diploma
Official Transcript Request
Withdraw from School

Academic Resources


2011 Spring Academic Calendar

2011 Summer - 2012 Summer Calendar

2010-2011 Academic Calendar

2010 Fall Academic Calendar

Class Schedules


Liberal Arts Core Requirements 2010
Term Codes Defined
Definitions of Online Course

Articulation Agreements

A.A. Degree to B.B.A. with concentration in Accounting (.pdf, 96K)
A.A. Degree to B.B.A. with concentration in Finance (.pdf, 96K)
A.A. Degree to B.B.A. with concentration in Management (.pdf, 97K)
A.A. Degree to B.B.A. with concentration in Marketing (.pdf, 97K)
A.A. Degree to B.A. Degree Psychology (.pdf, 97K)
A.A. Degree to B.A. Degree Sociology (.pdf, 97K)

Eight Semester Plans

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