Inspection Component

The Safety Manager will be responsible for identifying and training assistant inspectors, reviewing documentation of all inspections and conducting quarterly safety inspections within all Henderson State University facilities. All assistant inspectors who conduct formal workplace inspections will be trained on their responsibilities and on how to document the inspections. Items to be checked are listed on the Area Inspection Safety Checklist (see Appendix D). HSU vehicles will be inspected weekly by the assigned driver (See Appendix E). Records of these inspections will be kept by the Safety Manager.

Employees are responsible for inspecting their work stations for potential hazards. Hand and power tools will be inspected daily to identify any hazardous conditions prior to beginning work. Potential and/or real hazards will be reported immediately to the employee’s supervisor and documented in writing to the Safety Manager using the HSU emergency or urgent work request procedure.

The Safety Manager will be responsible for recommending corrective actions for authorization from the Vice President of Finance and Administration as well as implementing and tracking the completion of those corrective actions.

Records of these inspections will be maintained in the office of the Safety Manager until all discrepancies are corrected or at least 24 months, whichever is longer.

Documentation will include:

  1. Date of inspection
  2. Name of inspector
  3. Discrepancies found
  4. Person responsible for corrections
  5. Estimated date of corrections