Education and Training Component

The Safety Manager will be responsible for identifying, coordinating and documenting the education and training needs of all Henderson State University facilities on an annual basis.

Employees will attend safety training which will be conducted by the Safety Manager or subject matter experts retained by the Safety Manager. The training program will consist of new employee or reassignment orientation and general periodic and annual refresher training. Training topics will include, as applicable to the position responsibilities, the topics listed on the Employee Safety Training Checklist, (See Appendix B) Topics may change as new processes or equipment are introduced or as previously unrecognized hazards are identified.

Supervisors will be trained in safety hazard recognition and prevention. In addition to formal safety and health training, employees will also receive on the job instruction on safe operating procedures of each assigned job or task.

Specialized training (such as Forklift and HAZCOM training) will be provided and documented before employees are required to perform tasks that could potentially expose them to health and safety concerns.                

Safety meetings and safety training will be documented and records will be maintained by the Safety Manager for a period of 24 months or as required by law or directives.                        

Documentation will include:

  1. Date of training,
  2. Name of trainer,
  3. Subject(s) covered, and
  4. Attendance roster with employees’ signatures. (See Appendix C)

All required training will be per OSHA or other directing guidelines.